domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

SEX and the CITY 2

On Friday I dragged my best friend (he´s a HE) to watch SEX and the CITY 2 and I gotta say that I left that sala with a huge grin on my face, I just loved it. It´s a little long but it´s totally worth it. Both of the flicks are lovely. The attitude, the clothes, thee guyyss (oh yeah) are just so incredible. I fell in love with the locations of the movie, the places they show you are just so spectacular.
As hard as it was to drag my friend to that cinema, it was just as hard to push the truth out of him, because he actually enjoyed the movie, "Ok, I admit it, it´s not bad, but god I would never see it again, are you happy?" he told me as we exited the sala surrounded by girls around the age of 15 years wondering why they called John "Mr. Big" I felt a little old I might admit (i´m 20 years old).
If you haven´t see this movie I highly recommend it, it´s a great movie for watching in a lazy aftetroon surrounded by your best friends, in my case guys hahaha.

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