miércoles, 26 de mayo de 2010

Hiatus...not likely and HOT TEACHER to drool over

Bradley Cooper
So it´s been almost a year since I don´t write. My life have been pretty hectic especially since the last time I laid eyes on this blog. But as a year has pass me by I had grow and I´m not the same person I used to be, but in some ways I´m still that little imature, childish and spoiled girl. I have experience love for the first time (not a pretty experience), for the first time I failed a subject (I cried my ass off when I find out), I have grow more in love with my career (i study chemical engineering :p) I got a massive crush with my financial teacher ,a 28 year old with an exquisite sense of style and a pack of Hermés belts and silk Gucci ties to die for. His not a Brad Pitt you know but I´m mostly in love with his clothes and his smile, the embarrasing part is that according to my classmates friends he obviously know that I´m dying for him *blushes* anyway tomorrow I have my last session with him as he is going to deliver us our final grade. As I´m writing this entry I´m thinking that him is a loevly topic to drool over as I search for suited men editorials and hot spring looks for guys oh yeah I forgot to metion that my obsession over men´s clothes has take a step forward leaning to madness, I now usually drag my best friend to the men section as we both drool over cashmere cardigans and cufflinks shirts. There´s nothing sexier than a guy well dressed.

Buisness Class , L´Uomo Vogue

Miles Aldrige

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